What to see and do in Barcelona in Spain

Find out what to do in Barcelona, ​​what to visit, what tours to do and which places you can not miss out on your trip to the Catalan capital. Not only is Barcelona the most visited city in Spain, it is also one of the hottest in Europe. With unmissable attractions, sunshine, the beach, a lot of culture and a welcoming people, Barcelona is charming in every way and you will fall in love with this city. That’s why we have prepared a nice list of things to do in Barcelona, ​​so you can enjoy the best tourist places in the city.

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Cannabis Clubs

If you smoke weed, you can visit one of the cannabis clubs in barcelona, but you should follow some precautions.

In Amsterdam, anyone can go into a coffee shop and buy pot. In Barcelona, they are private clubs and so entry is not allowed at all. To be a member, you must be referred by a member. In addition, they only accept people who have an address in the city, which in Barcelona means “to be patronized.” Don’t think that just fill in your Airbnb address. Patronage is a document taken at City Hall posts and you need to take a lease or go with someone already patronized, who will claim that you also live at that address.

Gaudí Attractions in Barcelona

The first thing to do in Barcelona is the Gaudí script. There are several works by architect Antoni Gaudí around the city, and of course, you should not miss any of them, as they are the main sights of the city. The main work and most famous and incredible tourist spot in the city is the Sagrada Familia Expiatory Temple of Barcelona, ​​a church of incomparable grandeur that is not yet finished due to the architect’s death, but also because of the sheer amount of detail and by the size that was projected. Even unfinished it is possible to visit its interior, but also note the exterior details.

After the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s most famous buildings are La Pedrera or Casa Milà and Casa Batllò, which are on Passeig de Gràcia, right in the center of Barcelona and can be visited together. The last point of the Gaudí itinerary is the Parc Güell, the main park the city and which is a very beautiful place. It’s a bit out of town and you have to walk a lot to get there, so if you want to visit the park, it’s good to set aside a day just for that and go with the mood.

Museums in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Picasso Museum is the city’s main museum, dedicated to the work of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. It was founded in 1963 and has over 4200 works that make up the permanent collection. The museum was designed in the former Berenguer d’Aguilar palace, a beautiful building of Gothic architecture, by Pablo Picasso’s own will. Initially the museum had works by Picasso’s friend Jaume Sabartés. Five years after the museum opened, Sabartés died and Picasso began donating his works to the entity. The works that are exhibited at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona refer mainly to the early stages of the artist. Take a few days to see the museums in Barcelona, ​​as they really are worth it.

Gothic quarter in Barcelona

Be sure to visit Barcelona’s oldest quarter, the Gothic Quarter. The neighborhood is one of the best known regions of the city and the medieval buildings are incredibly well preserved and beautiful. Enjoy taking lots of photos, as the grand buildings made of stone give the impression that you have gone back in time. The neighborhood is home to many bars and restaurants and is very popular with young people living in the city. The Gothic quarter is also a space where you can find a lot of street performers playing and singing for money, which is very cool and has everything to do with Barcelona’s young and eclectic mood.

Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona Football Club

A complete visit to Barcelona must have a tour of one of the most famous football stadiums in the world, Camp Nou Stadium, home of Barcelona FC. Camp Nou is considered the largest stadium in Europe and if you want you can visit the stadium, the stands, the Barça museum and all the facilities. Tours take place every day at various times. A tip is to check the Barça website to see the table of games, because when there is departure at Camp Nou, the tours change time. And of course, if you have the dream of seeing Messi and company playing, risk seeing a match and seeing all the fanaticism and love of one of the most crowded stadiums in the world.

Tour Las Ramblas in Barcelona

Another place to be on your to-do list in Barcelona is to take a stroll around Las Ramblas or La Rambla, the city’s most visited and famous street. In addition to being a tourist and meeting point for many residents, the Ramblas attract several street artists. There are bars and restaurants and this is where the statue of Christopher Columbus, dating from 1888, is over 50 meters high and points to America. With just over 1 km, Las Ramblas starts at Plaza de Catalunya and goes to Porto Velho towards the beach. By day, Las Ramblas is also a great place to shop, as it has several street shops and department stores. At night, the street is full of ballads with promoters in front inviting you to enter.

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