Things to do with children in Barcelona

Tips for sightseeing with children in Barcelona
See what to do with kids for Barcelona and our tips on cool programs and tours for kids in one of Spain’s coolest cities. Barcelona is a big city that fits all audiences, with many events, programs, amusements and tourist attractions designed for the elderly as well as the smaller ones. So do not worry because outings to do with the little ones will not be missing, it is only up to you to choose each program and outing, always seeing what is best for your children and what else they like. Below is a list of the coolest rides to do with kids in Barcelona.

Tours with children in Barcelona

And if you’re planning to travel there, be sure to check out the must-see tips on how to save a lot in Barcelona and Spain. These are very good tips that are worthwhile and will save you a lot in all your travel planning and when you’re there. Your trip to Spain will be cheaper than you thought and you can enjoy your trip even more. Now see all about what to do with children in Barcelona.

Barcelona Aquarium

This is one of the attractions that most fascinates children, regardless of age. The Barcelona Aquarium has many fish and several different species of marine animals, difficult to see in another aquarium. Inside is the unique and largest oceanarium in Europe. An 80 m long transparent tunnel allows you to pass through the water, simulating the Mediterranean Sea, and see the animals up close. But the part of sharks is the one that undoubtedly impresses children as well as adults! The aquarium is in Moll d´Espanya del Port Vell and opens every day of the year from 9:30 am to 9pm, and in summer closes only at 11pm.

Barcelona Aquarium

Watch a Barcelona game with the little ones
A must-see for those visiting Barcelona with children is watching an incredible Barcelona game at Camp Nou Stadium (one of the most beautiful in the world). Watching a Barcelona game is an amazing experience and more than just a game, it’s a super cool sightseeing tour and a real spectacle. We always do a lot of research and have a very good site to buy tickets from all the football games and shows in Europe, which is this Ticket Site. In this link you already fall on their page in Portuguese with all the games and shows in Barcelona and just put the date of your trip he shows you all that will have when you are there. And it was also the site where we found the cheapest and easiest tickets to buy. See which games you will have when you are in town and be sure to watch at least one sports game on your trip or an idol show from you. Your trip to Barcelona will be even more unforgettable.

Watch a Barcelona game with the little ones

F.C. Barcelona Museum
For those who do not have time, find it expensive or if the trip does not coincide with any Barça game, the tip is not to be discouraged and visit the interesting Barça Football Museum. Inaugurated in 1984, the Barcelona FC Football Museum is one of the most visited places in the city, about 1.5 million visitors each year, second only to the Picasso museum. The museum is located within Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium, which is another must-see tourist spot in the city that we recommend visiting. The museum is fun for all ages and in addition to trophies, there are uniforms, various objects that refer to the history of the club and all the history and other information documented on numerous digital panels. The museum is on Calle Arístides Maillol s / n.

F.C. Barcelona Museum with children

Cosmocaixada in Barcelona
The Cosmocaixa of Barcelona is an incredible museum dedicated to science and belongs to the La Caixa Bank’s Social Work, from which the name derives. It opened in 2004 and since then has been very successful, especially among the little ones who soon get excited about discoveries, exhibitions and experimental activities. The museum is very large, with nine floors divided into several science themes. It is a fun and very educational place, ideal for bringing your children and family fun. The museum is located at Carrer d´Isaac Newton, 26 and opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.

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