Discover the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza

Find out which are the best beaches in Ibiza and the characteristics of each one of them, such as swell, tourism, services and decide which one is more your face. Visiting Ibiza does not necessarily imply just enjoying the incredible ballads of Ibiza, because besides the parties it is nice to meet and have fun in the incredible calas and beaches of the island. As the beaches are all around the island, the cool thing is to rent a car to go around Ibiza, because access to some is not so easy. With the car you can make your itinerary and travel around the island and know each one and even come across deserted and hidden beaches. The following is a list of the top beaches and calas in Ibiza.

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Cala Salada Beach in Ibiza

Cala Salada Beach in Ibiza is the best and most beautiful beach in Ibiza, and a favorite destination for many residents. It is a small beach, which is why it is called “cala” and surrounded by mountains and pine trees. It is divided by several stones in two beaches. To get to the most beautiful, which is the most refugee, you have to go through the rocks and the other beach you can get strolling the mountain. The waters are very clear, turquoise and calm. It’s cool for swimming and for the more adventurous you can jump off the rocks, but remember that it is very dangerous and forbidden. see more of barcelona

Cala Conta beach in Ibiza

Cala Conta Beach in Ibiza is on the west coast of Ibiza. It is an irregular beach, with rocks on the sides and about 600m long and 30m wide. The waters are crystal clear, calm and of various types of blue. It is a beach little visited by tourists and is therefore more peaceful and natural.

Praia Cala D’Hort in Ibiza

Cala D´Hort Beach in Ibiza is a narrow beach overlooking the mysterious island of Es Vedrà, which is about 100 meters from the seafront. In summer, this beach is crowded, especially for the spectacle that the sun gives when it sets, right in front of this island. Cala D´Hort has bars and restaurants and access is by road. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza, because of its long white sands and crystal clear blue sea.

Praia Cala Es Cavallet in Ibiza

Another fantastic beach is Cala Es Cavallet in Ibiza which is set in the nature reserve of Ses Salines. It is a natural beach and is protected by dunes and some hills, which makes it one of the most paradisiacal. The beach is divided into several parts, for nudists, for homosexuals and one more frequented by famous, with several bars and restaurants. The beach is ideal for surfing thanks to the swell and wind coming from the east.

Praia Cala Benirras in Ibiza

Cala Benirras Beach in Ibiza is one of Ibiza’s best known beaches. It is small, very sandy and surrounded by pine trees. It is a meeting place for hippies who often play instruments at dusk and a beautiful beach for those who want to relax in Ibiza. Because it is the best known, it is also one of the beaches that has more structure and activities, due to its restaurants and bars on the beach.

Praia Cala Jondal in Ibiza

Cala Jondal Beach in Ibiza has a length of 350m and a width of 20m. The access to the beach is in the middle of the Ibiza-San José road. If you are looking for a beach with more movement and leisure, this is one of the best, because it is known for its beach clubs, like the Blue Marlin, which is very popular with people. famous. It is a beach of stones and crystal clear waters and happy holidays that shake the summer of Ibiza.

Praia Cala Bassa in Ibiza

Cala Bassa Beach in Ibiza is considered one of the best and most beautiful beaches on the island, mainly for its calm, turquoise and shallow water, making it ideal for some water sports and attracting many families. Surrounded by many pine trees and various types of trees, the beach has plenty of shade, ideal for resting from the sweltering summer sun.

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